10 Ideas for the Hottest Senior Yearbook

10 Ideas for the Hottest Senior Yearbook

Feb 16th 2018

Creating the perfect yearbook is the goal for every yearbook class. These yearbooks are so important for high school students, especially seniors, because it is how everyone will remember their friends, classmates and teachers. And while you may have plenty of past yearbooks to use as inspiration, you will want to add some unique elements to this year’s senior books. Here are ten ideas to help you spice up this year’s yearbook (especially for those graduating seniors) in the right way.

1. Throwback Photographs

Take a couple of pages in the yearbook and use them for throwback pictures of this year’s senior class. Use photographs from when they were freshmen and sophomores, preferably candid shots, and create a collage with the many pictures.

2. Superlatives

It is a bit traditional, but superlatives are always a fun way to remember your fellow students by. A few pages of “who is most likely to become a millionaire,” or “who is most likely to end up in jail,” can be a lot of fun!

3. Awards

Students are always proud of the honors and awards they win during their high school years, and it is a good idea to include these honors within the yearbook. Make sure to list every honor a student received, every award they won and every club they participated in during their high school career.

4. Birth Year Musings

What was the world like in the year when the students of the senior class were born? Some birth year musings are not only great for introspection, but they can make for some interesting comparisons to the present day!

5. Wills

Students can always “will” something fun and entertaining back to the school, to their closest underclassmen friends, or to the teachers who made classes so interesting for them!

6. College Maps

Showing the post-graduate success of the senior class is always a good idea, and a college map is one terrific way to achieve it. Depending on where everyone is going to college, you can have a map of your state, the United States or the entire world!

7. Tweets

Given how the current generation of high schoolers are growing up with social media at their fingertips, including a selection of tweets from the students is a great way to merge the yearbook with social media!

8. Baby Pictures

Collecting a baby photo from everyone in the senior class does not sound like fun, but you will be thankful when you see the end result! To really have some fun, do not put any names next to the baby pictures, and everyone can spend time guessing each other’s baby photo!

9. Senior Pages

If you have enough space in the yearbook, invite a select number of seniors to create an entire page in the yearbook filled with their favorite photos and memories from the past four years. Create a contest and choose the best ten pages submitted, or make it a first-come first-served type of deal!

10. Friend Ads

For a few dollars, let seniors buy an ad space, where they can put up a favorite photo, or leave a message to one of their friends or family members!

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