Tips for Assembling Your Yearbook Team

Tips for Assembling Your Yearbook Team

Sep 18th 2018

The idea of making a yearbook can be overwhelming. It’s a huge undertaking, and we know a beautiful, completed book can seem impossible when you’re just getting started. Thankfully, most advisers have the option to work with a team, and whether you’ll be working with a team of students or other adult volunteers, we have a few tips for assembling your team.

If you’ll be working with students:

  1. Brainstorm a theme and stick to it – First things first, decide on a theme. The design process will be much easier for everyone if there’s a clear theme for everyone to follow. Not only will this make the design quicker and easier, it will also lead to a beautiful, more cohesive yearbook. You can request some of our ideas for themes here.
  2. Divide the yearbook up into tasks – Make the process a bit less daunting by dividing and conquering. You can assign each student a role, such as photographer or editor, or you can assign each student to a group of pages that they’ll be responsible for designing. Designing a whole book can seem impossible, but designing a few pages seems a lot easier!
  3. Identify your students’ strengths – Some students may have a better eye for photography and some may prefer to do more of the writing. Try to identify your student’s strengths as it pertains to the yearbook and use them. Everyone’s more likely to enjoy the process if they’re focusing on the tasks they enjoy doing.
  4. Be the team leader – While the students may be able to take care much of the designing, don’t lose sight of the bigger goal. Help set deadlines and ensure they’re being met, make sure everything that should be included in the book is being included, and take an active role in proofing the book. We have a TON of tools available for getting through the yearbook design process – let us know if we can help!

If you’ll be working with other volunteers:

  1. Ask for help – Sometimes half the battle is being able to recruit someone to help you. Instead of vaguely asking people to “help you with the yearbook,” try asking them to commit to designing a small number of pages. Even if you get a couple of other parents to contribute a few pages, you’re lightening the load on yourself.
  2. Pick a theme and stick to it – Choose a theme before diving into your design process. This will ensure everyone helping with the book has a clear focus and will also make your final product cohesive. Even if the theme is as simple as your team’s colors or your school’s mascot, having a theme will instantly make the yearbook design task less daunting for everyone involved.
  3. Gather as many photos as possible - Even if it’s tough getting other volunteers to help you design, many parents will be willing to share their photos with you. Set up a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder to make gathering photos easier. You don’t have to use all the photos you collect, but it’s easier to design with too many photos to choose from than not enough.
  4. Don’t forget about the other yearbook tasks – The design portion of the yearbook may be first and foremost on your mind, but don’t forget about all the other tasks involved that you may be able to designate to other people. You’ll need someone to help market and sell the yearbook, someone to help organize online and/or in-person orders, and someone to help proofread and edit the book. Even if not many are willing to help design, you can lighten your load significantly by allocating other tasks.

As always, Blossom is here to help if you get overwhelmed or stuck in the process. Feel free to contact us if there’s anything we can do to help!