Build a Yearbook in Seven Days

Build a Yearbook in Seven Days

May 18th 2017

Yearbook creation can fall apart without notice. Yearbook staffs can unravel. Parents and PTA/PTO members can get too busy. Teachers can get overwhelmed with all of the end-of-the-year proceedings. Suddenly, you find yourself volunteering to put together the yearbook...and quickly!

Well, be encouraged. With today’s technology, it actually is possible to get a beautiful yearbook assembled in short order. How short, you ask? With a smart plan and a little help from your friends, you can get a beautiful and inspiring yearbook to the publisher in just seven days. And, to make it even easier, we will even provide the smart plan.

Smart Plan

This plan will provide you with a checklist of things that must be accomplished and the order by which they need to be done.

  • Day One

This is by far your most important day. This is the day when roles need to be created and assigned. Your vision needs to be expressed with clarity and a theme and purpose need to be chosen.  Getting these building blocks set up and defined the first day leaves the rest of the time to create an amazing design!

1. Start designing online with Blossom right away.  It's easy to set up an account here and begin designing your book.

2. Choose your book size, type (hardcover or softcover), and page count.  To determine an accurate page count, we suggest reviewing last year's yearbook.  There is a good chance you'll need a similarly sized book.  And if it changes, no worries.  Your price will automatically adjust up or down accordingly.

3. Choose a Theme.  The theme you choose will set the tone (and design) for the rest of your book.  We have many, many theme and layout pages available.  Choose one and start designing right away with our easy drag-and-drop layout format.

4. Assemble a Team

If you're lucky enough to have other volunteers working with you, get them set up with access right away.  Our Blossom online design tool allows you to set up co-admins, editors, and photographer-only positions.

5. Photos & Communication

Send out information to all students, parents, and teachers asking for photos if you haven't received already.  This can be done via a memo from the office, email, and/or social media. Inform every one of the project and the rushed nature of it. Ask them to provide photos from all events, daily activities, field trips, sports, and clubs and send them to designated email or Dropbox/Google Drive account. Ask the school for student portraits and PSPA cd (if available).

6. Organize your Ladder Page

Determine what is going on what page.  Name and save each individual page, so you can easily reference and access to design later.  Feel free to add and delete pages or spreads as needed.

  • Day Two

Start sorting through photos, upload to the Blossom online design tool into folders for the best organization, and continue requests for more.  They are what make the yearbook after all!  Upload PSPA index and portrait images on the Portraits page and use the downloadable resource document (under Marketing) to help create sections and automatically insert portrait sections into the book.  Ask your principal, teachers, coaches, and advisers for a few paragraphs of information about their respective pages if they want more included than just photos.

Once all of the sections are inserted into the book, create titles for each page and add backgrounds and clipart.  We have thousands and thousands of free and modern clipart styles to choose from!

This is also the day you should get ordering information out to all interested buyers (in this case, likely parents and students).  There are downloadable order flyers (under Marketing) to print.  Use the book code on your dashboard to add to the flyers.  Your community will go to and search for your school or type in your book code to order.  All online orders will appear automatically on your Orders page.  You can add any cash or check orders on this page as well.

  • Day Three

Begin working your way down the ladder.  Design pages either in ladder order or based on the pictures you have received thus far.  When you notice a page that needs more photos or information, don't be afraid to reach out for more.  This is the fun away!

  • Day Four

Keep adding photos, text, backgrounds and graphics.  If you have any pages completed, editors can begin reviewing. Send the individual portrait pages to teachers to proof student names.  If at any time you would like a free PDF export of your yearbook to review, feel free to live chat, email [email protected], or give us a shout on the phone!

  • Day Five

Keep designing!  Send draft to the administration for pre-approval.

  • Day Six

Final editing. Send to administration for approval if required.

  • Day Seven

Checkout day!  As soon as you've proofed, proofed, and proofed again, take a look at your Orders page.  This will summarize all of the orders you've received and will help provide a summary of any money that may still be due.  If you need to update your organization's book quantity, you can do that on this page before checking out.  When you're ready, head to the shopping cart icon on the top right of your dashboard.  You can pay online via credit card or request an invoice.  Then, sit back and relax.  Your yearbooks will be arriving soon!