Yearbooks for Sports Teams

Capture the Team Spirit: Yearbooks for Sports Teams

Aug 29th 2016

Create a yearbook for your sports team to memorialize the team and help raise funds for them. You can do it all yourself or enlist some helpers. It can be fun and easy to do.


You don’t have to hire a photographer or an expensive yearbook publisher. All you need is a good digital camera and a computer. With easy-to-use yearbook software tools, such as Blossom's online design software, it makes designing a sports yearbook easy and affordable for small and medium sized groups. Rather than individual photo books, yearbooks are a good way to capture memories and a more affordable way to order in bulk quantities!

Here is what you need to do:
 Get a digital camera so you can upload the pictures to your computer.
 Go to as many of the sporting events as possible and take pictures.
 Go to practices to get pictures there.
 Make arrangements with the coach to get a team picture.
 Try to schedule the team picture for an hour or so before a game so they will be suited up and ready to go.
 Get pictures of the cheerleaders, if your school has them.
 Take photos of the team mascot, if the team has one.
 Make sure you are there for awards day and take plenty of pictures.
 Upload your photos to Blossom's design software and start designing your book from scratch or pre-designed templates.


Take orders for your elementary school, middle school, high school or homeschool sports team yearbook ahead of time. Getting the word out will be easy. Simply talk to the people who attend the games. They will probably be at least a little curious about why you are taking so many pictures. Many of them may even ask you what you are taking the pictures for.

Just walk around at the games and practices, in between taking pictures, and let people know that you are putting together a sports team yearbook. Most parents and family members will probably express an interest and you may even round up a volunteer or two to help design!

Be prepared ahead of time. Talk to the yearbook publisher or yearbook printer to determine exactly how much it will cost. Figure out how much to charge for each yearbook (perhaps even using as a team fundraiser) and print up a couple dozen order forms yourself at home.

If you are fundraising, let people know that a percentage of the proceeds will go to help support the team. If you have any questions about marketing materials or how to advertise your yearbook, give the Blossom team a call at 1.800.893.8902 or shoot us an email at [email protected]. We're happy to help!