10 Ways to Celebrate National Yearbook Week

10 Ways to Celebrate National Yearbook Week

Oct 4th 2017

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan declared the first week in October as National Yearbook Week. Even now, schools and organizations across the country use the week to take a small break from the hard work of yearbook planning and design to have fun and celebrate making (and preserving) memories. Looking for ideas for National Yearbook Week? Here are some suggestions to celebrate:

  • Throw a yearbook party with your team
  • Have a theme design contest
  • Have a cover design contest
  • Review the year's photography so far and choose your favorites
  • Pull out yearbooks from "long ago" and check out the hairstyles and clothing
  • Have a yearbook pep rally to announce your yearbook theme
  • Have a themed potluck matching your yearbook theme
  • Use the week to start your yearbook sales & marketing
  • Provide a discount on all yearbooks ordered this week
  • Thank your yearbook adviser

And most importantly of all, get out and make some more memories.  Take lots of pictures!

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