Choosing Your Yearbook Binding

Dec 11th 2018

When it comes to your yearbook, we have 3 typical book/cover binding types: saddle stitch, perfect bound, and hardcover. 

Binding refers to the process of assembling a book out of folded pages and a cover. Each of the 3 types that we offer has it's pluses and minuses. When deciding what type of binding you want your yearbook to have, it depends on your organization, budget, and the overall vision for the project. Different organizations and schools will have different binding needs depending on page count, how durable the covers need to be, and whether or not they need to lay flat when opened.

Saddle stitch binding (softcover) – Our saddle stitch books are a great option for an affordable, soft cover yearbook with a smaller number of pages. Saddle stitch book pages are folded inside one another and held together with two staples on the binding. Our saddle stitch books start at 24 pages and go up to 40 pages. Page counts for saddle stitch books also need to be in multiples of 4.

Perfect bound binding (softcover) – For softcover books over 40 pages, we recommend our perfect bound books. The pages and covers for a perfect bound book are bound together using a strong adhesive at the spine. The end result is a square spine with clean (perfect) page edges. Our perfect bound books start at 42 pages, and page counts need to be in multiples of 2.

Hardcover binding books – We also offer hardcover books for those looking for a book with a sturdier cover. Like our perfect bound books, our hardcover books are bound using an adhesive binding and then finished with a hard cover and our standard high-gloss coating. Our hardcover books start at 24 pages, and page counts need to be in multiples of 2.

If you have questions about choosing a book type that's right for your school or organization, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to discuss the best option for you.

If you know what type of book you are looking for, request a quote from Blossom today!