How to Choose a Yearbook Company

How to Choose a Yearbook Company

Apr 7th 2016

There seem to be two choices in yearbook companies - legacy yearbook publishers with deep-rooted sales ties in the schools and online companies that don't provide helpful support and service during the end-of-the-year crunch. We understand - choosing a yearbook company can not only be a big decision, but a scary one as well!

At Blossom Yearbooks, we like to think of ourselves as a cross between the two. We've been printing yearbooks in-house for a while (and it shows through the quality). We also have an individual yearbook design specialist to help out with any questions you may have! That being said, we like technology...and innovation. We've worked hard, with tremendous feedback and support from our customers, to create a NEW online yearbook software, so if you choose to go off the grid and design your yearbook, we don't mind. We'll still be here to back you up with any questions!

But, with all the yearbook companies available, we understand you need to make the right decision for your yearbook, and your school. So, we've compiled a helpful list of questions you should consider before choosing a new yearbook company.

1. What is the cost?

Let's be honest. Cost matters. It's difficult to sell a yearbook to your school parents that isn't affordable. Not only do sales suffer but with legacy providers, your school could end up footing the bill for yearbooks that go un-purchased. To reduce costs even further, choose a company with an online software that's free to use!

2. How do you print your yearbooks?

Legacy yearbook companies traditionally use offset printing presses to print yearbooks. Offset printing is cost-effective only on long runs and allows for very little personalization. Other yearbook companies, like Blossom, use on-demand, digital printing technology that allows the ability to do short-run printing. This means that you can order only the amount of yearbooks that your parents order. You are not locked into any minimum order amounts, deadlines, or contracts. No more leftover books and no more wasted money!

3. Do you have any deadlines or fees?

There are quite a few yearbook companies that still require several deadlines through-out the year. Miss a deadline, get a late fee. Shouldn't there be just one deadline - yours? You know when you'd like to distribute your books, so you know when they need to be ordered. This should be your only deadline (and shouldn't require you to pay more)!

4. What is your turnaround time?

You don't want to miss out on any end-of-the-year fun! With digital, on-demand printing, yearbook publishers are typically able to turn around your yearbooks (even during busy season) within 3-4 weeks. Shipping should also be factored in depending on your location and that of your yearbook publisher.

5. How much do you charge for shipping?

This is one of the hidden fees charged by most legacy yearbook companies, and can easily become one of the most expensive. Books are heavy! Take this into account when pricing your yearbooks, so your school doesn't end up footing a huge shipping bill! Or choose a company with Free shipping, like Blossom! It really adds up!

We don't agree with making an enormous amount of money off of our children's educational system. If you have any questions regarding Blossom or choosing any yearbook company, don't hesitate to ask our friendly team for advice. Take a look at this video for even more information about our yearbook model or visit our Why Choose Blossom? breakdown.