Tips for Choosing a Yearbook Theme

Jan 16th 2019

Creating a yearbook can be a daunting task, especially when trying to determine what theme to use. Using pre-built themes makes creating a yearbook much easier. These helpful tips are a great place to get started and help you determine which direction to go in with your theme. 

Use Your School's Built-in Theme

If you're having a hard time choosing a more specific theme, consider designing your book around your school colors of your school's mascot. Remember that the yearbook is a memento of memories from the school year, so do not be afraid to make your school's colors and mascot what binds your design together.

Keep it Simple

A theme doesn't always have to be a catchy phrase. Something as simple as a series of shapes or colors used consistently throughout the book can be just what's needed to make your book feel cohesive.

Use Time as Your Theme

Since yearbooks typically signify the end of a school year, many schools choose to theme their books around the passing of time. Phrases such as "Just Getting Started" or "Step Into the Future" can be great themes that help signify the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Use a Pun or an Idiom

Check out lists of puns or idioms for yearbook theme inspiration, because something may stand out as the perfect theme. A popular catchphrase from the year can also be used as a yearbook theme. An old catchphrase in a yearbook can also bring up fun memories from the past.

Theme your Book Around a Fun Location

All schools, especially elementary ones, love choosing fun places as yearbook themes. Books themed around the circus or outer space are bright and fun for younger students. 

We have a variety of pre-designed themes preloaded into our design program. Feel free to reach out to our design specialists if you're interested in a free style guide that provides a snapshot of popular themes, in addition to suggested fonts, colors, and clip art to use with each theme. Fill out this form to download our top 100 yearbook themes.