Tips for Creating a Church Directory Cover & Cover Ideas

Mar 21st 2019

The cover of your church directory sets the stage for what the inside of your directory looks like. It should give a glimpse of what you church's message is, what your congregation is like, and what type of atmosphere it is. 

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Here are some tips and points to consider when designing the cover of your church directory.

  1. Use the cross or other religous symbols. 
  2. Use complimentary colors that make the symbols stand out. 
  3. Think about having your church's name on the cover. 
  4. What will you want to back to look like? 
  5. Reach out to other members of your church that are creative to design the cover. You could even have kids in Sunday school create artwork for the cover. 
  6. Use a meaningful bible verse or quote in your design. 
  7. Make sure your cover goes with the theme of the rest of your directory. 
  8. Think about how your design will translate on the type of binding you choose (hardcover, softcover, etc.).
  9. Consider using photos of your church or congregation. 

We've rounded up a few of our favorite church directory covers to give you some inspiration. Many of these cover designs are available for use on our free online church directory design tool

1. Simple


2. Classical

3. Grunge

4. jOURney

5. Risen

6. Above

7. Meaning

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