How to Create a Church Directory

How to Create a Church Directory

Jul 24th 2017

Creating a church directory has many benefits to its members, pastoral team, and its community.  Church photo directories allow the entire congregation to feel connected via photos and member information and stay in touch with contact information.  For the church staff, membership directories allow the pastor and other leaders to get to know and establish personal connections with their members.

Creating a church directory may seem like a daunting task, but if you break it into steps, you'll have a completed and beautifully designed book in no time!

  • Step 1: Talk with church leaders about creating a photo directory and organizing a photo shoot.

Church leaders are influential in the process to spread the word about the directory and encourage member participation in the photo shoot.  They can announce the photo shoot in advance, place information in the bulletin or announcements, and express the importance of a directory to members of the church.

  • Step 2: Enlist a photographer to take pictures.

You may have a member in the congregation who is willing to donate their services or you may be able to hire a professional photographer.  Portrait packages are also a great way to use the photo shoot as a fundraiser for the church!  If you do hire a professional photographer, make sure they provide photos on a cd.  Similar to yearbook photography, directory photos can be sorted on a PSPA type cd making inclusion in the directory extremely simple with online design software, including Blossom's online design tool.

  • Step 3: Create a database collection with member information.

Include fields for all of the member information you may wish to include in the directory.  This may include their family name, individual names, membership date, address, phone number, email address, committee involvement, and even a quote or more personal information.  The personalization level is up to you, but having the database formatted in an Excel or csv file makes it easier to reference and segment as you create your church directory.

  • Step 4: Printing the Directory

With Blossom's online design tool, creating and printing a church directory has never been easier.  Long gone are the days of cutting and pasting photos into Word, having difficulty formatting templates, and trying to organize information appropriately.  With Blossom's free design templates, layouts, clipart, and backgrounds, not only is your church directory easier to create, it also turns out as a professionally-published, beautifully bound printed book.

For more information about Blossom's free-to-use online church directory design tool, click here or request a quote today for best pricing and free shipping!