Create a Professional Yearbook Without a Committee

Create a Professional Yearbook Without a Committee

Mar 16th 2018

You may have not been blessed with a committee to help assemble and market your yearbook. It might feel like you are on your own, but are you really?

Historically, a yearbook is a collective effort.  For over a hundred years, teams of people have, well, teamed to produce their yearbook.  This is not a one-man-band kind of thing.  Oh, sure, fabulous tools like the Internet and social media have made the process smoother, faster and easier.  But, the project is still quite complex and heavily dependent on human efforts.  It may no longer take an entire village to produce and promote your book, but it is not an endeavor for the Lone Ranger, either. 

Here is a simple three-step process to get you rolling as a leader:

Identify Tasks

Identify tasks that need to be accomplished by human hands.  Scour the internet for ideas.  Utilize resources available from your yearbook publisher.  Make a list of what tasks need to be done and when they need to be done. 

Identify People

Identify key people to help you on this project.  Look for people who have skill-sets that will coincide with the tasks, and who have time to allocate to the project.  Don’t be bashful when looking for these people.  First, volunteering is almost second-nature for most people.  Volunteering makes people feel needed, wanted, important and proud.  Second, your project is noble in nature - helping the school, touching the community at large.  It is an attractive proposition.

So, who should you ask for assistance? 

Teachers, Staff and Faculty

These people already have a vested interest in your students.  And, they are already on campus.  They should be able to help take photos, gather data, and will likely be at many extracurricular activities and events.  

That said, don’t expect these people to make up the bulk of your team.  Many workers at your school are already maxing-out their time and energy.


Students are by far your best partners in this project.  They have insider info, both from on-campus and social media sources.  Don’t underestimate this and don’t think that any non-student can compete with their access.  They have energy. They have mobile devices.  And, most of them would find this to be a fun opportunity.

Community Members

Parents, siblings, friends and other members of your local community can also be helpful along the way. 

Mobilize People

Lastly, give these folks their assignments and inspire them to complete them.


There is no need to take this on by yourself.  Get a small team of people to help you and set them loose.   Use the helpful hand of the Internet and the power of social media.  And use helpful tools from a reliable yearbook publishing website, like Blossom.  We’re one of those you can ask for help…in fact, we’re waiting and ready!