Creating a Team Memory Book with Blossom

Creating a Sports Team Memory Book

Jul 27th 2017

Celebrate the sports season with a professionally-created memory book.  Showcase teamwork, sportsmanship, wins, and yes even losses.  Team memories are built on all of these moments.  Not only will team members (parents and children alike) enjoy re-living the season's highlights, they'll be proud of their achievements throughout the year.  Team or club books can make great gifts for coaches, players, and their families.  And they've never been easier or more affordable to design.

Creating a team or a club memory book may seem like a daunting task, but if you break it into steps, you'll have a completed and beautifully designed book in no time!

  • Step 1: Gather photos from team members throughout the season

Create a shared space for crowd-sourcing photos.  Dropbox or Google Drive are great free tools that will allow you to invite members by email to contribute their photos quickly and easily.

  • Step 2: Start designing online with Blossom for free.

Blossom's online design tool is a simple, fun, and creative way to make a book online!  Utilizing Blososm's free clipart, backgrounds, templates, and layouts, you can start designing today or request a quote for best pricing.

  • Step 3: Invite team members, design, and edit your book

As the season progresses, you can stay up to speed with games, tournaments, and events.  Create layouts ahead of time to easily drag-and-drop in photos.  Invite others to work with you in designing the book.  And when it's designed to perfection, have multiple people edit and review before submitting to print.

  • Step 4: Sell Online or Order for the Team

This is your choice entirely!  If you'd like to allow team members to purchase online, locate the book code on your dashboard and direct them to: to order.  You'll be able to view all of the online orders in your Orders tab and can submit the entire order when your book is finished.

With Blossom's online design tool, creating and printing a team memory book has never been easier.  With Blossom's free design templates, layouts, clipart, and backgrounds, not only is your team or club book easier to create, it also turns out as a professionally-published, beautifully bound printed book.

For more information about Blossom's free-to-use online design tool, click here or request a quote today for best pricing and free shipping!