Crowdsource Your Yearbook Photos

Crowdsource Your Yearbook Photos

Sep 13th 2016

Today’s yearbooks are more complicated than ever before. Each yearbook needs to be more elaborate than the last. Different. Unique. Better. Every staff needs to be looking not only to keep-up, but to get ahead. To do that, they need to run more efficiently than ever. Fortunately, there are solutions to make all that happen. Solutions that will improve both your process and your product.


One part of your marathon-like run to the published book is photo-gathering. For a hundred years, yearbook teams have spent half of their allotted time on this process alone. This process involved attending events, both home and away, developing film, organizing the photos and laying them out. Most of that entire formula is now obsolete. Today, the most arduous part of that process is the gathering of the photos. And even that task is easier than ever.

What is Crowdsourcing?

Enter crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is the leveraging of a crowd to quickly and effectively accomplish a task. Crowdsourcing typically speaks of an online effort. It utilizes the power of many and channels that collective energy in a strategic direction. Brides and wedding planners are using crowdsourcing now and wedding albums are being transformed. It’s the power of the crowd. Everyone taking photos from a different perspective, angle, and emotion. Crowdsourcing comingles those efforts into a colorful array.

Less Work for Yearbook Staff

Yearbook staff members are the beneficiaries of such advancements. Crowdsourcing has the capability to diminish the workload thoroughly. This is a game-changer. Staffers no longer need to be at every event, seeking a snapshot of every essential moment. Using the power of crowdsourcing, they are already there - a hundred times over. Moms, dads, grandparents and dozens of students are taking photos of everything that happens. Posed photos. Action shots. Shots that are up-close, shots from a distance.

Let People Know

The process is simple. Just get the word out. Choose an app where you would like everyone to send their photos and watch the magic happen. You’ll find that people love feeling like they are contributing and being part of this process. It’s human nature. Harness that energy. Be sure to give a few instructions, like how to take a photo or what types of pictures you are seeking. Use common communication threads to prompt and illicit participation. Set-up a drip campaign with your school’s event calendar, sending reminders throughout the year. It really is that simple.

Such technology will save you and your staff countless hours. Reallocate those hours to other hotspots or use them to perfect the ways you utilize the thousands of photos you will be retrieving with virtually no sustained effort on your part. Your job will be easier than all the yearbook people that have gone before you. And your yearbook will be more compelling, exciting and memorable.