The Final Yearbook Checklist

The Final Yearbook Checklist

May 2nd 2016

You’re about to submit your yearbook, and you get a gut feeling that you’re missing something. “Did you edit and proof enough? Are the graphics and images laid out correctly?” Trust us. We know the feeling! That’s why we created this final checklist for you to review before you hit the submit button.

Proofing and Editing

• You’ve probably proofed a number of times, but have you given your yearbook to someone else? Fresh eyes can make a world of a difference. We recommend giving your book to someone who hasn’t seen it yet. They’ll be able to pick up on errors that you may have missed.

• It’s important to take a break from proofing before you submit your book. You may find yourself re-reading text and reviewing layouts over and over again, making it harder to pick up on mistakes. Give yourself at least an hour break, and you’ll come back fresh and able to pick up on edits and tweaks you weren’t able to see before.

o If you can, schedule blocks of time to proof and edit sections of your yearbook.

o Short on time? Prioritize pages that need extra attention.

o If you can, divvy up pages to your yearbook staff or volunteers to get more editing and proofing done in less time.

• Read backwards to gain visibility on spelling errors.

• Carefully read through blocks of text, looking for grammatical and punctuation errors.

• Have you tried reading out loud? If the content doesn’t make sense, change it.

Images and Graphics

• Double check that all photos are not skewed, warped or squished.

o If you’re using our software, make sure you have the check box checked for “Maintain Aspect Ratio”.

• All photos should be clear and easy to see. If they’re too blurry, scale them down to a smaller size or consider using different images.

• Faces or other important parts of your photos should not fall in the gutter.

• Do your images and captions match?

• Be sure to provide credits to the appropriate person who took the photo.

Still feel like you’re not ready? We’re here to help! Contact us if you need guidance or help finishing your book. Contact your friendly Design Specialist today by live chat, phone 1-800-893-8902, or email us at [email protected].

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