Free Yearbook Class Syllabus Template

Free Yearbook Class Syllabus Template

Dec 11th 2017

Starting to prep for next semester? Get ahead of the game with a free yearbook course syllabus template.

High school yearbook classes differ from other courses as there aren't daily assignments, oral presentations, or frequent exams. Instead, the final product, the high school yearbook, shows the culmination of the year's hard work. For veteran high school yearbook teachers, you likely have an amazing syllabus locked and ready to roll. However, for you high school yearbook newbies out there, feel free to download this free yearbook syllabus to get you started!

A yearbook syllabus should be the roadmap to your year - allowing students (and parents) to know what topics you'll be covering and what they can be expected to learn.  A great yearbook syllabus should include the following information:

  • Instructor Contact Information
  • Class Description
  • Class Outcomes
  • Student Expectations and Goals
  • Required Course Materials
  • School Rules & Attendance Policies
  • Course Schedule
  • Deadlines & Due Dates

As you know, at Blossom, we don't necessarily believe in deadlines or due dates.  However, for your class, setting expected completion dates helps keep your yearbook on task!  The more communication you give to your students, the more you can expect to receive.  Use this yearbook syllabus template to help you get started, and as always, feel free to reach out to Blossom's yearbook design specialists with any questions you may have!