Take Great Yearbook Photos with Your Phone

Take Great Yearbook Photos with Your Phone

Jul 5th 2018

The days are past where you need a full studio setup to take a good yearbook photo - Most modern smartphones are equipped with a great quality camera that is packed full of features, listed below are some ways in which will help you take a great yearbook photo with yours:

  • Do not use the flash: Phone flashes can create harsh light that looks unrealistic and gives too much highlight on your subject.
  • Do not zoom: Smartphone zoom capabilities are not great, the more you zoom in the poorer the quality of the photo will be; simply move closer to your subject to get the correct framing.
  • Keep your phone steady: The steadier you hold your phone, the clearer and sharper your photo will be, hold it with two hands if necessary.
  • Take multiple shots: Smartphone image sizes are not huge, so do not be afraid to take multiple shots to ensure you have at least one good result.
  • Make use of lighting: In the absence of a flash, use other light sources such as desk lamps to create a softer more natural flash effect.
  • Make sure your lens is clean: No matter how good a photographer you are, if your lens is dirty, that dirt will appear on your photo!

Why a high-end SLR camera isn't always necessary

To many, a good-looking yearbook photo is a must and something they work hard to prepare for. The photo should compliment the person and create a good impression. In this age of modern, mobile technology, the quality of our mobile phone cameras now means that it is not necessary to have an expensive SLR camera at your disposal to produce a quality yearbook photo.

The Yearbook - A brief history

Also known as an annual, the yearbook is a publication that provides information on the previous school year together with statistics and a section containing the student’s photos often with quotes they have chosen. The yearbook will be produced on campus by a selected member of staff or team of students and once finalized, is sent to an editor for proof-reading and then printing. The yearbook has been a tradition in schools across the US for decades and is also gaining popularity in Europe.

The Yearbook Photo

The main part of any yearbook is the section that contains photos of all the students and classes. These could include sports teams and special sections for seniors or head boy/girl etc. Creating a great photo is often important for students as they want a favorable lasting memory of their school days to look back on.

If you consider the above tips and also make sure you fully understand the capabilities and settings of your phones camera mode, you will be taking professional looking yearbook photos in an instant.