Hidden Costs of Yearbooks

The Hidden Costs of Yearbooks

Aug 1st 2016

Let’s face it: continually increasing yearbook costs are putting a negative spin on a time-honored tradition. Yearbooks are more than information or a simple log. It’s a keepsake; it’s nostalgia. It is something that every child can keep well into adulthood, and someday share with their own children. Yearbooks hold forgotten memories that can come back in an emotional rush. They can make you laugh hysterically at an old hairdo, or that thing that happened that one time – you know the time! And yearbooks can only be encapsulated forever in one form...paper. Social media outlets will change, files will no longer be available for download, but a book can truly last.


Hidden fees that are typically associated with yearbook ordering are painting a negative shroud around yearbooks. For one, the costs are on the rise. Two, the quality is on the decline. Too many companies understand the need for yearbooks. This is why they take advantage of schools, and in turn, the parents of students. Typically, yearbook ordering is based around prediction. It is impossible for a school to know at the beginning of the year just how many books they'll need to order. On-demand publishers, like Blossom, print only the amount of books ordered. Hidden fees are also being charged for silly things - missing a deadline, not having your cover art ready by October (that's right...October!), or changing quantities later in the year. Finally, and it's a big one...Shipping! The plus shipping text on the bottom of our contract can add up to a big ol' fee on your final bill. Blossom, for one, believes that just because you order something online for better quality than your local print shop doesn't mean you should have to pay to get it to you. Yep, shipping with Blossom is FREE!


Prediction revolves around schools having to place an order at the beginning of each school year, and it is placed by speculating as to how many students will be ordering a yearbook. To help ensure every kid receives a yearbook, schools tend to over order. Perhaps they feel it’s best to have more than to have too little. In either case, the school, to ensure they do not exceed their allotted budget for the year, must place the excess surcharge onto the parents in order to offset any overage. Most companies do not print on-demand. They take the order at the beginning of each school year, and the school pays monthly until final delivery.


Schools no longer have to play the game by the rules of these yearbook providers anymore. Blossom offers a brand new way for schools to receive yearbooks, and order only what they need – and most importantly, when they need them. This is because Blossom offers on-demand printing, negating any overage. This not only saves the school time and money, but it saves the parents money, as well. Using Blossom will decrease the overall cost and avoid any and all hidden fees, all while bringing back the quality children, schools, and parents expect. Blossom offers full services for a fraction of the price and at the heart of it all, puts memories at arm’s reach for “classic” reading, sharing, and eventually – sharing with future generations.