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Homeschool Yearbooks: Easy, Affordable Yearbook Design

Aug 5th 2016

Homeschooling, despite its name, still takes place at a physical location. While the work is primarily completed at home, students are still required to check in regularly, complete in class assignments and take regular tests. This is done in a group environment which provides the opportunity for social interaction and comradery. Homeschooling is a unique experience that cannot be duplicated.

Because each and every student needs the opportunity to feel as though they rightfully belong, homeschooling provides more than enough group structure to offer those values and more.

In fact, it may be even more so important that students that attend a homeschool to incorporate as much social structure and interactivity as possible during these years. Creating a yearbook for your homeschool is a fantastic opportunity for social interaction and group decision making. Not to mention, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be passed up.


Up until recently, homeschoolers have pretty much been left out when it comes to yearbooks. Traditional yearbook companies usually have pretty strict pricing structures and minimum ordering guidelines. This has generally made it impossible for many homeschools to participate in yearbook activities.

This has been an issue for several reasons. For one, as we talked about earlier, students of all ages and walks of life need interaction and social group activities to feel a sense of belonging.

Second, extracurricular activities provide the needed interaction that is commonplace among young people. This interaction results in group decision making. Group decision making is an essential part of growth and development.

Third, yearbook creation is a time-honored tradition. Plain and simple! Creating a yearbook, being a part of a yearbook committee is something that will stay with you forever. It is an accomplishment and an honor to be a part of something that will have such an impact on the lives of your schoolmates for so many years to come. It is a responsibility and a privilege, not to mention a ton of fun!

In light of all of these factors, still, the minimum order clauses, high prices, and no flexibility have always been the biggest problems.


However, these factors are not limitations anymore. Yearbooks are now accessible to homeschools, too through Blossom's online design program with no minimum orders and upfront, affordable pricing. You can order only what you need, and never worry about overages. Plus, we even throw in free shipping.

The creation process is simple and easy, and the printing is done to order. It’s that simple! Because of the flexibility with the ordering process, pricing, and even the creation process – yearbooks for homeschoolers is easy and fun – not to mention cost-effective. Click here to request a quote and see how affordable creating a homeschool yearbook can be or start designing online today!