How to Organize your Yearbook Photos

How to Organize your Yearbook Photos

Jul 11th 2019

Photos are the bread and butter of every yearbook, and having a ton of photos ready to go is a great start to creating your beautiful book. However, tons of photos can also feel a bit overwhelming and make your design process more time consuming. But don't worry! Just a few organizational tips for your photos can make your entire design process much smoother. We've compiled some of our best tips and tricks for keeping your photos organized and easy to find.

Use Multiple Folders

The biggest time saving mistake we see from advisers is uploading all photos they want to use to a single folder. While it may be the easiest way to get all your photos uploaded quickly, you’ll end up spending too much time weeding through hundreds of photos to locate the ones you want. Using multiple folders will save you time as you’re searching for photos while designing your book.

Use your Ladder to Organize your Folders

One easy way to organize your photos is to correlate your folders to the pages you’d like to include in your yearbook. Would you like to include a page of 4th grade candid photos? Make that page a corresponding folder and use it for all 4th grade candid photos. Designing your page becomes a lot easier when all the photos available to use for that page are in one place.

Don’t Upload All Photos Available

Not every photo you take at an event will be a photo you want to use in your yearbook. We highly recommend only uploading photos you might want to use in your book. Eliminating bad or duplicate photos will save you a lot of time when searching for the photos you actually want to use. Refraining from uploading duplicate photos will also help in making sure the same photo doesn’t accidentally end up in your book multiple times.

Create a System for Photo Sharing

Do other people have photos they’d like to share with you for use in your book? Collecting photos from multiple sources can get overwhelming. Blossom’s design program has a role specifically for those wanting to share their photos with you. Invite them to your team as photographers, and they’ll have the ability to upload photos to your book (but won’t have any ability to see your design). Any photos they upload are put into a separate folder and won’t be available to use in your book until you’ve had a chance to approve and organize them into a different folder. If you don’t want to invite them to your book, no worries! We recommend using a third-party program for a place to collect photos from multiple people. Let us know if you need recommendations for a program to use!

Communicate your System

Once you have your photo organization system down, make sure to communicate it to anyone working with you on your team. Having everyone on the same page will keep your photos organized and your design process will be smooth sailing.

As always, Blossom is here to help! Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.