How to Sell Your Yearbook

How to Sell Your Yearbook

Mar 9th 2016

You’ve put a lot of work into designing your yearbook, and everyone agrees, it looks fantastic! Now the dreaded task of convincing people to purchase it! We’ve got some ideas to get you started. Happy Selling!

1. Post your sell date wherever and whenever you have the opportunity!

• Morning announcements.

• Create fun hallway bulletin boards.

• Post on your school’s website.

• Social Media! Post on your school’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

2. Design posters, flyers and banners that promote your yearbook theme, sell date, school’s code and any other valuable information for ordering.

3. Sidewalk art! Pull some of your local art students together and invite them to create a fun design around your school’s entrance.

4. Include design ads in your school’s printed programs for sporting, drama and musical events.

5. Create “Order Postcards” or download easy to use, professionally designed Order Flyers from Blossom.

6. Utilize your Blossom Marketing Kit! Haven’t received one yet? Contact your friendly Design Specialist today by live chat, phone 1-800-893-8902, or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Check back soon for more yearbook information!