How To Sell Yearbook Ads

How To Sell Yearbook Ads

Jan 18th 2018

Besides the sell price of the yearbook, yearbook ads are the main benefactors to yearbook funds. Every great yearbook must have ads from local organizations, parents supporting the book, public institutions, etc. Ads will allow you to expand your budget and to generate an important income that will allow you to improve your yearbook overall. Funds raised by advertisements can be used to enhance the book’s design or support your school or organization through fundraising efforts.

So, how do you sell yearbook ads?

A professional-sounding email or phone call is always a great start. However, paying a real-life visit to businesses will increase your chances of selling ads. Many people underestimate the physical presence when selling ads. When you take time to present yourself offering an ad, you gain way more attention than when you send an e-mail.

Alright! So you need to examine your potential customers. We've put together a list of any groups, individuals or stores that might be willing to announce themselves in your yearbook:

  • Local Shops – It is always a great idea to announce a local business which people are familiar with. When the audience recognizes an announced store, they feel significantly more influenced by the ad. You can also take advantage of promotions, expansions or special offers going on in these local shops. Announcing a sale in a local shop is definitely a great way to start.
  • Parents – Every parent would do what is in their reach to help out their graduating seniors; parents are definitely first in the potential announcers. Contact parents via e-mail, phone calls, letters and through the students themselves, offering personalized ad spaces; you never know who has a business ready to announce!
  • Past Year Announcers – Why not check the announcers of the last yearbook? Some groups are interested in this particular way of advertising and like to repeat themselves in the announcements. If they were in it for the last yearbook, they might as well be in it for this one. Make sure to contact them and see who is down to appear in your yearbook.
  • Sponsors – Sponsoring is highly underrated. While perhaps not being as big as an ad, many accumulated sponsors can push your income significantly. You can always dedicate one page of the yearbook to list your sponsors- and perhaps even offer them a better page positioning for an extra price.
  • Online Ads – The digital world is really big as well, so it is definitely worth a shot sending some e-mails and phone calls. Remember that real-life contact such as phone calls or video calls will always draw more attention than e-mails, as you get to directly interact with your potential customer. Announce your yearbook through your school webpage or in a dedicated site you have created for your yearbook. Always go for a user-friendly interface and a simplify the payment process and keep a neat look of your site if you decide to sell your ads online.

Need other ideas for selling or designing ads? Reach out to your design specialist! We have templates and pricing suggestions created over years of experience. We're happy to share!