Increase Your Productivity When Creating Your Yearbook

Increase Your Productivity When Creating Your Yearbook

May 24th 2018

The compiling of photos, the writing of articles, and the designing of yearbook pages. All of these different pieces translate into a yearbook project that can last for months, if not an entire school calendar year. And to get to the finish line you’ll need to hit a series of deadlines along the way. Time cannot be wasted. Energy cannot be dispersed. Productivity will not happen by accident.

One of the best ways to ensure productivity is to eliminate unproductivity. Here are some hindrances that you should seek to avoid during this, the final culmination, of your yearbook project:

Bad Meetings

Study after study speaks to the amount of wasted time that can result from bad meetings.  Meetings are designed to have a purpose and to trigger actions.  Too often, people can over-meet.  In a well-intended effort to stay on top of a project, it is easy to meet too often and for too long.  The best meetings are less frequent and packed with vital, new data to be reported and acted upon.  

Now, we’re not saying that meeting up to discuss is a bad thing.  In fact, meeting face-to-face is often the most productive and efficient way to accomplish something that would take much longer by phone or email. However, the way you use this time is imperative, especially if you are on a deadline. Be prepared, stay on task, and be efficient with your time.

Time Management

Continuing with this theme related to time, you have to be a great manager of yours.  With a busy school or workload, sports and other clubs either you or your children are involved with, you cannot afford to waste your time.   Each week you need to schedule your work-week on your calendar.

Lock-down specific blocks of times for each task you need to accomplish and be sure to stick to it.  It also means that during those tasks that you are working quickly and staying focused.  Remember, the faster you complete one task may mean extra time to work on another or to help a colleague with theirs.

Not Setting Milestones

If you fail to set milestones you won’t keep pace.  Even though Blossom doesn’t put deadlines in place, your project should have some specific milestones set to which you must adhere to be on time with your due date.  In addition, within each deadline, there needs to be a series of smaller milestones, that help you keep pace.  Break big tasks into smaller ones and accomplish them one at a time, on time.   You will be amazed at your productivity.

Productivity needs to be running at full speed on this yearbook project.  Take a little time to organize your approach so that you are controlling your process, rather than it controlling you.  And of course, if you need help or have any questions, we’re always here to help!