How to Increase Yearbook Sales Early in the School Year

How to Increase Yearbook Sales Early in the School Year

Jul 26th 2018

If you use your yearbook sales as a school fundraiser, you’ll likely be looking to sell as many books as possible. One of the best ways to increase your sales is to start selling earlier, and use the excitement of a new school year to generate buzz for your yearbook. The earlier you start, the more potential you have to increase your book sales.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for growing your early yearbook sales: 

  1. Start Before the School Year Begins

    Why wait until the school year begins to start selling your yearbook? If your school has an orientation day or registration prior to the year starting, ask if you can organize a table to sell yearbooks. Parents are already gathering to ensure their child is ready for the school year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to add yearbooks to the list of necessary purchases. If your school doesn’t have a registration or orientation day, review the school calendar early in the year for other events that may be ideal for selling yearbooks. 

  2. Consider Offering an Early Bird Discount

    It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to save some money on your yearbook purchase which is why many schools choose to offer a discount to those who buy books early. Start an email campaign, post flyers, or send home order forms with students to promote your sale. Include the standard and discounted prices so families know the value of early ordering. Be sure to also include a deadline to your discount to secure more yearbook sales as early as possible. 

  3. Create an Online Store

    Online ordering makes the process of purchasing a yearbook easy for parents. An online store increases the amount of time your books can be sold by allowing 24/7 ordering. Parents can order whenever they have a free moment rather than remembering to send payment to school with their child. Ask to add a link to your online store on the school’s website to help increase sales. As a bonus, online stores allow you to spend less time marketing your book and eases the stress of handling money. 

  4. Make It Known

    Get the word out about your yearbook sales as quickly and in as many ways as possible. Include information on how to order your book in emails and posts to Facebook, send order forms home with students, add a pitch to the morning announcements, hang flyers and banners, or give an announcement at school assemblies. Bringing more exposure to your book will create excitement and lead to more sales.