Using Infographics in your Yearbook

Using Infographics in Your Yearbook

Jan 3rd 2018

Over the last century, yearbook technology has been ever-developing. And the last few years have seen more advances than all the others combined.  The tools have become many and have made the job of the yearbook class and adviser easier and more fun than ever.

Cases in point?  Well, the Internet.  Social media.  Software.  These technological advances have helped everywhere.  Well, actually, not everywhere.  Almost everywhere.

There is still one area - one nagging little area - that is still one of the leading headache-generating issues that yearbookers continue to face.   This job is one of the few remaining tasks that need to be accomplished by human hands and is still very, very time-consuming.

What is this royal pain?  It is that of infographics.  That of trying to take numbers and words and to merge them with art, graphics, and things that are visually enticing.  Up until now, this task has been incredibly hard to pull off and by the time you did develop a system, the project was over. 

Well, those days are gone.  The link is no longer missing.  Cue the infographic websites.

Infographics will forever change the way yearbooks are done.  Template after creative template is available through any number of infographic websites, like Visme, PikToChart, EasLLy, and Venngage.  And many are, wait for it… free

What are some places in your yearbook that can benefit the most from infographics?  Infographics will bring life and color and fun to conventionally old, boring, run-of-the-mill numbers.  Stats, timelines, schedules, highlights and other random data can now look great, drawing the eye and telling a story.

Yearbooks are also replete with data such as demographics that need to come to life.  Results of surveys or statistical data of all kinds need to pop.  Infographics make that happen.

Here Are the Four Best Reasons to use Infographics

They Look Great

These things really look amazing.  These graphics are the fulfillment of all that you wish you could have done yourself but couldn’t.   Templates vary in color, shapes, brightness, styles, and themes.  

They Save you Time

Think about it.  Can you imagine how much time you will spend dinking around with PowerPoint or some other platform trying to make something look sharp?  Save and reallocate the man-hours.  It is hardly possible that your yearbook team has superfluous man-hours lying around. 

They tell a Story

You know - a picture tells a thousand words.  Well, if that’s true, then an infographic tells a million.  Your mind easily grasps the concept that the data embedded within the infographic is conveying.  It all flows.  It comes together to successfully communicate your information.

They are Free!

Doesn’t get much better than that!