How Instagram Can Improve Your Yearbook

How Instagram Can Improve Your Yearbook

Jun 18th 2018

For decades, yearbook teams like yours have struggled to get through the process. Lucky for you, the task of building-out a yearbook has never been easier. You just need the right tools.

A great tool to use to populate your yearbook is Instagram. Using Instagram in your yearbook construction will benefit both you and your classmates. It will make your process more efficient, and organizing will be easier than ever before.

Why use Instagram for Your Yearbook Photos?

It's widely used already.  You and your fellow staff members spend countless hours each week on this yearbook project.  The days are long. Something needs to give, and the tool you need most is right there at your fingertips.   Literally.   It is on your phone.  And you already know how to use it because you are already using it.  Could this get any easier?

It’s free.  Your yearbook project is probably operating on a very tight budget.  Costs continue to pop up.  Every time your photographer hops in the car to drive to an event, you’re paying for gas.  Every copyrighted image costs you money.  In the club room, you are paying for ink and toner.  Costs are everywhere. The last thing you need is to spend money on something that could/should be a fundraiser!

Photo-sharing at it's best.  Let’s talk about this process of gathering photos.  Your photo team is tasked with gathering and using thousands and thousands of images.  Hard even to imagine.  Thank goodness they are digital and not hard images.  But, the process is still tiresome.  Instagram changes all of that.  Students simply need to tag the yearbook team and, voila, photos are delivered.

Gets every student involved.  Your photographer can’t guarantee a perfect picture of every person in your school.  But, thanks to Instagram, that’s okay.  Now, every student can send his or her pictures directly to the yearbook team.  Any kid that wants to be in the yearbook, can be.  It’s that simple. And all that time you typically spend ruffling through bad pictures just got reduced, too.  Why?  Because kids are only going to send you pics that they think are favorable and decent.  Editing made easy.