Your November Yearbook Checklist

Your November Yearbook Checklist

Nov 14th 2017

It's November! Thanksgiving is near, cool Autumn temps have set in, and yes - Holiday decorations, gifts, and music have begun already! Be prepared for the quick passing of the seasons with this month's yearbook adviser checklist! If you're looking for more high-school curriculum resources, have no fear. Check out our high-school yearbook curriculum ideas elsewhere on the blog!

  • Complete and approve your Yearbook ladder
  • Add or delete pages based on your Yearbook ladder design
  • Organize your photo folders by event, class, or month
  • Continue photo sharing!  We recommend Dropbox or Google Drive for ease of use!
  • Import your PSPA photos as portrait sections within your yearbook
  • Create layout designs for remaining pages to easily add additional photos later

Any questions?  Contact your Account Manager or Design Specialist for ideas, tricks, and tips!  We're happy to help!

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