How to Raise Funds by Selling Ads with Your Yearbook

How to Raise Funds by Selling Ads with Your Yearbook

Jan 28th 2019

Even though Blossom has the lowest priced yearbooks around, you may still need to do some fundraising with your school or organization's yearbook. A great way to do this is to sell ad space! You might be thinking, "how am I supposed to do that?". That's why we've put together these tips and ideas to help you get started selling ad space in your yearbooks. 

You don't need to add advertisements everywhere and crowd the yearbook. But you could have a couple of pages at the back of your book dedicated to advertisements to help reduce the cost of your book. There are several businesses and people in your local community who would love to support their local school or organization, while also getting their business information out there. 

Tips for Selling Ad Space in Your Yearbook

  • Sell to Parents & People You Know – Several people and parents have a business they would like to advertise or know someone who does. Advertising in their local school or organization's yearbook gives them a sense of being a part of it, being supportive, and getting the word out about their business.
  • Sell "Recognition Ads" - A recognition ad is like writing a message in a yearbook that the publisher prints in all the yearbooks. As a yearbook publisher for many years, Blossom has many ad templates to choose from. Just ask a yearbook design specialist for more information.
  • Sell to Local businesses – Most local businesses want to support local schools and organizations. The best way to sell ad space to them is to actually go there and talk to the manager. Face time carries a lot of weight when selling ad space. It shows initiative and determination from you and it is more difficult to refuse. Send a representative to all local shops, dentist’s offices, doctor’s offices, insurance offices, etc. Try selling entire pages to local businesses and/or parents. It's also a good idea to share the love and place a small “thank you” to them at the bottom of the page. It will serve as an acknowledgement and a bit of advertising for the small business.
  • Get the Word Out on Social Media - Does your school or organization have social media profiles or groups? See if you can send out an announcement that you are selling ad space in the yearbook this year. 

Be sure to plan well ahead and collect the money for advertising before your yearbooks are printed.

If you are designing online with Blossom, we have the opportunity to make fundraising even easier! You'll see what you're paying for your book, and you can set your online store price wherever you'd like to sell it to parents, students, and community members. If your online orders go above and beyond the amount due for your book, Blossom will send you a check when your yearbook is printed. It's that easy!

Have questions about Blossom's fundraising options? Email us at [email protected], or give us a call at 1-800-893-8902.