How to Spread the Word & Get More Yearbook Sales

Apr 15th 2019

At Blossom, we want to help you with all things yearbook, including marketing and selling your yearbooks! You've spent hours designing and putting together your yearbook or memory book, and now you need to let everyone know about it. This is sometimes the most daunting part. 

We've outlined several ideas below to help you spread the word to your school or organization about ordering yearbooks: 

  1. Use Our Free Marketing Kit - After signing up with Blossom, we’ll send you your marketing kit to get you started promoting your yearbook. Your free marketing kit includes 1 Yearbook Guide, 1 30x60 Full-Size Banner, and 20 Posters. 
  2. Consider Offering an Early Bird Discount - It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to save some money on your yearbook purchase, which is why many schools choose to offer a discount to those who buy books early.
  3. Send Home Order Forms with Students or Members - Parents are generally the ones paying for the yearbook, so be sure to include how to order and the price on these take-home forms.
  4. Start an Email Campaign - This option will depend on what marketing resources your school or organization already has in place. If you have an email program and email addresses of parents or members of your school and organization, sending email blasts is a great way to get their attention and let them know about yearbooks. 
  5. Post on Social Media & Encourage Students/Parents/Members to Share it - Social media is a very powerful tool and a great way to reach students, members, parents, etc. 

  6. Find More Ideas on Pinterest - Pinterest is full of great yearbook selling ideas that other schools and organizations are doing. You can even browse our Pinterest board of marketing ideas here

Have more questions about selling your yearbooks? We're here to help.