How to Turn Student Artwork into Your Yearbook Cover

How to Turn Student Artwork into Your Yearbook Cover

Jul 26th 2018

Give your yearbook an authentic feel by incorporating original student artwork as the cover! The cover is a great spot for showing off creativity within your student body. Try running a contest where students can submit a design for the cover, then have the rest of the students or the staff vote on the winner. Or if you’d like to keep the theme a secret, contact an aspiring artist to handle the cover design.

Blossom Yearbook's Steps to Adding Student Art to Your Book: 

1. Choose the artwork you’d like to use and take a photo of the artwork. For best results, choose a higher resolution photo of the artwork (we recommend 150 dpi or higher). If you’re taking the photo with your phone, you can email the image to yourself.If you’re taking the photo with a camera, upload the photo to the computer you’re using to design yourbook. You can also scan in a color copy of the artwork at 150 dpi or higher. For both scanning and taking a photo, make sure that the artwork is laying as flat as possible. 

2. Once the image is accessible on your computer, open the file using the photo editing/viewing software of your choice. If you’d like, you can crop the edges of the photo as needed. Save the cropped photo on your computer, ensuring to save in .jpg format (if it’s not already .jpg). 

3. Login at www.blossom-books.comand click on your “Photos” tab. Upload your .jpg artwork photo by clicking on Upload Photos in any folder in your photo categories. 

4. Navigate to your ladder and click on the cover to open the cover editor. Locate your uploaded artwork under the “Photos” section on the right hand side. Open the folder where the artwork is located, and click and drag the artwork onto your cover. Stretch the photo as needed to fill your cover by clicking on the boxes located at each corner of the artwork. Feel free to add any text boxes, clip art, or a colored background or border to your cover in addition to your uploaded artwork. 

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us and one of our design specialists will be happy to help!