Tips for Making a Yearbook for Your School or Organization

Tips for Making a Yearbook for Your School or Organization

Feb 25th 2019

Whether you have been working on your school or organization's yearbook since August, or if you're just starting, Blossom Yearbooks is here to help! 

Check out these yearbook tips to get on your way to creating a stunning yearbook: 

Learn how to delegate.

Start with rounding up students or volunteers to work on the yearbook. 

Pick a theme and style, as the entire yearbook will be built around it.

Keep it simple and easy to design, so you don’t get stuck on this step or create design challenges down the road. Look at Pinterest, Instagram, old yearbooks, etc. If your thinking of doing a vintage look, check out old magezines and newspapers for theme inspiration. 

At Blossom we have hundreds of theme templates to get you started. Plus, their free to use!

Put out a call for great photos.

Gather what you can from students, parents, volunteers, teachers, and coaches. students, the school’s photography company, teachers, and coaches. Maybe there's someone who loves to post on their social media accounts in your organization. Ask them if they have some photos to add to your yearbook. 

Gather information digitally.

When requesting photos, quotes, or other information from students, teachers, parents, and coaches, ask them to send their materials to the yearbook staff’s email account or to share photos in the yearbook staff’s Dropbox folder. This way, quotes, dates, photos, and names can be dropped into place rather than having to be scanned or typed in.

Partner with the right yearbook company.

When you’re ready to begin laying things out, use a yearbook company that provides access to current, easy-to-use, intuitive design tools, so you don’t sit there saying to yourself, “How the heck do I do this?”. Blossom Yearbooks is a yearbook company that prides ourselves on low prices, high quality printing, and user-friendly online software. Request your yearbook quote from Blossom today!

Get fresh eyes.

You and the yearbook staff have likely read, edited, and reviewed the yearbook pages A LOT by the time the final proof arrives. Fresh eyes are more likely to catch mistakes and notice an odd layout or flawed photo. Have several people check for consistency with design, margin spaces, typos, readability, photo clarity, and more.

Start selling.

Now that yearbook production is well underway, it’s time to market it and get it into the hands of students. Be clear about when, where, and how students, staff, and teachers can purchase a yearbook. Use paper flyers and handouts, Facebook, email, Instagram, and any other route you have access to.