5 Things to Know As A New Yearbook Adviser

5 Things to Know As A New Yearbook Adviser

Sep 12th 2017

Turnover happens in the yearbook adviser world.  Children grow up, parents move on.  Teachers get busy or involved with new activities.

If you've found yourself {willingly or begrudgingly} accepting the role of yearbook adviser, don't worry.  We make it easy!!

We've put together a Top 5 rundown you should know as the new yearbook adviser.

  1. Get to know your yearbook publisher and their deadlines.  At Blossom, we don't believe in deadlines.  You shouldn't be charged more if you don't want to design your cover until the end or if you don't know your page count or book count right when you start.  But some publishers do, and you'll want to be aware of these deadlines to avoid the last-minute craziness and unexpected surprises.  If you are using Blossom, the only deadline you'll need to be aware of is the print one.  Know when you want to deliver your books and plan 3-4 weeks ahead to submit them to print (depending on your cover type).  If you're working with a group or part of a yearbook class, we suggest having a preliminary and a final deadline established as a group just to review all content, include last-minute business advertising, and allow for extra editing time.
  2. A yearbook ladder is your best friend.  You can print out a yearbook ladder or utilize in Blossom's online design tool.  This allows you to visually lay out your entire book before designing.  Use last year's book as a guide and lay out class pages, activities, sports/groups, and special events that are to occur throughout the year.  By taking the time to complete the ladder, not only will you feel organized but your class/team will know exactly what they'll be working on and how it will come together!
  3. Pictures are essential.  From the moment the year starts, start taking or collecting pictures to include in the yearbook.  If you have equipment for your yearbook class to utilize, have them sign a release form before checking out.  Create a list of events and make sure one individual is assigned to each.  If you'll be collecting pictures from parents and teachers, organize a Dropbox folder and share to easily collect and store all of the files.  Starting early will eliminate the need to go back and scrounge for photos!
  4. Learn your design software.  Whether you choose to design online or offline, take the time to familiarize yourself with the design tool.  If you're utilizing Blossom's online design tool, watch our handy video tutorials or set up a demo with a yearbook design specialist.  Want to get your class or team together for a demo?  We can do that too!  While you may not have graphic design experience, your program should be easy-to-use and intutitive to designing a yearbook.
  5. Choose a theme.  A theme will set the tone for the rest of your yearbook.  Hold a school-wide or class-wide contest or take a vote to select this year's winning theme.  Frame your layouts, pages, titles, and captions around the theme of your book.  You'll be surprised once you get started, how quickly your theme will define your yearbook.  Need help deciding on a theme?  Download our 100 Top Yearbook Themes ideas.

And finally, get to know your yearbook account manager or design specialist.  We're here to help!  If there's anything we can do to make your yearbook experience easier, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email, chat, or even a phone call!  Yep, we like those!