Top 10 Blossom Yearbook Upgrades

Make it Special: Top 10 Yearbook Upgrades

Sep 19th 2017

Is your yearbook committee looking to step it up a notch this year?  Have a special event or anniversary and hoping to capture the importance?

Have no fear.  Blossom wants to help you set your yearbook apart from other years.  Below you'll find our Top 10 exceptional features we've included in yearbooks for our talented customers.  Have another idea in mind and wondering if it can be done?  Give us a shout!  We're always up for a challenge!

10. Soft-Touch Covers: Nothing says special like the silky, smooth feel of soft-touch.

9. Printed End & Fly Sheets: Incorporate a special design or even more photos on the inside cover or autograph pages.  Looking for custom design work?  Our creative team would love to help you out.

8. Personalization: Our digital printing equipment is made for personalization - names, icons, pages, and more!

7. Leather, Linen, or Cloth Covers: Ever the statement, high quality covers not only look awesome but ensure your yearbook stays fabulous for years to come.

6. Holographic Covers:  We've seen some extremely cool covers include a special message appearing in the right light or a shimmery, metallicized effect!

5. E-Yearbooks: Yearbooks for everyone!  Share the link to your e-yearbook via social media, email, or on your school website!

4. Dust Jackets: For extra protection and extra pizazz!  Adding a dust jacket to your yearbook will give a perfect finish.

3. Professional Design: Need a break from designing this year and want a wow factor?  Our professional graphic design team loves to design custom yearbooks!

2. Foil Stamping: Give your yearbook a little glam with gold or silver foil showcasing your school name or year.

1. Year-in-Review Pages: Add a professionally-designed review section to your yearbook to highlight national and worldly trends and events.

Creative inspiration or awesome Pinterest find?  We'd love to hear about it!