Unique Ways to Sign a Yearbook

Unique Ways to Sign a Yearbook

May 26th 2016

It's finally here! The yearbooks have been distributed; your copy is in hand! You page through and stumble upon the very last section - the autograph page!

While everyone else has started signing the standard "Have a great summer!" or "See you next year!", you want to do something different. Maybe even perhaps something that will make you stand out among the crowd. We've put together some easy and quick ideas for your perusal. But please keep in mind that whatever you sign in your yearbook can be seen by all (friends, teachers, and even parents), so use your best judgment...

1. Use an inside joke. Guaranteed to make your good friends laugh and others confused!

2. Create a funny quote. We've found a few scouring the internet: "I can't help but to laugh, do you really want my autograph?", "So glad you got to meet me this year", or a simple "Look! It's Me!!!" by your photo.

3. Go visual! Rather than writing, use your artistic abilities and draw a memory, write in multi-colors, or create a fancy signature.

4. Quote a famous author, movie, or song!

5. Finally, if don't know the person well or want to go with the old standard, change it up a bit by using the HAGS acronym.

And from all of us at Blossom Yearbooks to you - Have A Great Summer! Yep, we're cool like that.