Why Your School Needs a Yearbook

Why Your School Needs a Yearbook

Jun 5th 2017

A yearbook is so much more than just a school record and overview of a school year. A huge amount of effort, love, and energy is put into the creation and design of a yearbook. It's a special item meant to be cherished and it provides a huge amount of benefits to the school and its students. A yearbook is the perfect accompanying item to end a school year and the entertainment it brings, and the values that it instills in its students should not be dismissed.

Here are a few more reasons why your school needs a yearbook.

  • Requires Input from Students

Yearbooks are usually created by a team of students with input from teachers and the whole year group. This level of interaction and input encourages students to use their creativity and talents to produce something for the benefit of others. It gives students an opportunity to show their intelligence and use important real world skills like teamwork, cooperation, and organization.

  • Promotion of the School

As a yearbook will contain the school's logo, colors and detailed information about its achievements and students, it serves as a great promotion tool. Yearbooks showcase the very best of a school and everything that makes it successful and a great place for students to attend. This can attract students considering enrolling in the school and gives a positive vibe to parents.

  • Self-Pride in Students

Students play a major role in the yearbook - Typically a yearbook will contain photos of students together with a snippet of information about themselves and sometimes a quote. Aside from these biographies, sports teams, and other clubs will usually receive a mention. This form of congratulations and personal attention will instill pride in students and make them feel special and promote self-worth.

  • Promotes Interaction and Positivity

A major part of the yearbook is passing it to your fellow students to be signed and discussing with each other its contents - Students love to gather in groups to look at the finished yearbook, compare photos and see which individuals have earned the highest honors etc. It provides a great social focal point and encourages students to communicate, share ideas, complement each other and interact.

  • Great as a Long-Lasting Memento

What could be a more poignant memento than a yearbook? A yearbook is something that you can treasure for a lifetime and serves as a reminder of years passed and your childhood. Providing you look after your yearbook and keep it in a good condition, you can rifle through its pages and remember what school was like and some of the friends you had and what you achieved. The tradition of the yearbook is something that has served an important purpose in school life for many years and it remains today a highlight of the school year and something that is extremely beneficial to a school and more importantly, its students.