How to Write a Yearbook Article Your Audience will Love

How to Write a Yearbook Article Your Audience will Love

Apr 4th 2018

Yearbooks are publications that offer insight into a class’ academic year. The yearbook covers stories on major events such as homecoming dances, the school president elections, sports championships among other notable events that occurred during the school year. This is a major challenge because most students have lived through these events and it might not be as exciting to read about them.

If you are assigned to write a yearbook article, you may be wondering: "what stories should I write about?".  It can be a challenge to dig it out but that does not mean it is impossible. It is important to remember to focus on writing stories only you can write passionately about. To be able to captivate audiences it is vital that you write a story they can relate.  Yearbook articles or stories that resonate well with audiences focus on:

•     Stories about school teams such as sports teams, choirs and any other teams in the school.

•    A particular school tradition.

•    An important object such as a trophy or an artifact found in the school.

•    Special places such as a tree, a room or an attic nook. Special places in school can enable you to come up with memorable stories and share important experiences worth remembering.

•    Friends or relatives whom you have shared a memorable experience with.

•    Your place in the classroom. Are you the class president? Are you the youngest person in class?  Are you the best performing student in the classroom? Or the most improved?

•    Did you move into the school during this year? Did you leave behind a best friend?

•    Focus on important events during the school year: your first day in a sports team or your first day in school.

When writing a yearbook story that your audience will love, focus on sharing memorable events that are worth remembering, share the joyful moments that everyone can relate to and focus on ensuring every member of your audience can relate to the story.  When creating a story your audience will love you need to:

1. Write down the topic you want to focus on and write every idea about the story that comes to mind.

2. Talk to your friends about the idea you are working on and get feedback from them. Remember, to keep the mystery of the story and not share every detail of the story you are cultivating.

3. List the different ideas you have in mind. Do not worry if there are ideas which are better than others. This exercise is aimed at ensuring you are able to generate different ideas for your topic.

4. When you have the topic you want to focus on it is time to connect every aspect of the story together and ensure that it makes sense and can captivate your audience.

5.    Finally, start building up your story by connecting all the ideas you have gathered. When you are done, proofread it, edit it and revise it before publishing it.

Along with photos, yearbook stories and articles make up the majority of the yearbook content.  Keep it simple, keep it personable, and you will have a written memory you'll treasure for a lifetime!