Writing Yearbook Copy

Guide to Yearbook Writing

Mar 29th 2019

Yearbooks for schools and organizations are full of photos, but what makes them special is that they tell a story. They tell a story with the combination of photos and words throughout the yearbook. We typically see yearbooks have printed words on almost every page and these words are just as important as the photos. 

In this blog post, we're going to talk about some tips to write effective copy and tell stories with that copy throughout your yearbook. 

How to be an Effective Yearbook Writer

Be Concise

Your writing needs to be direct and to the point. Try to limit how many words it takes you to get your message across. A great tip when trying to be concise, is to start by free writing and then read it outloud and cut the clutter. 

Be Supportive

Realize that the copy is there to support the photos in the yearbook. When putting together your writing make sure that it goes with the images on that page of the yearbook. 

Be Positive

A yearbook is a book about the loved ones in your life, not a place to bash someone or something. For example, if your football team lost every game, find positive things to share and avoid the negative.

Use Outlines

Outlines will help you stay on point with what copy will go on which pages of the yearbook. Without them, you’ll be prone to wander.

Have Fun

Don't forget to have fun with your copy and storytelling to help bring the pages of your yearbook to life!

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