Writing a Perfect Yearbook Tribute

Writing a Perfect Yearbook Tribute

Apr 3rd 2017

Before publishing the yearbook, it's important to collect those important yearbook tributes - whether for seniors, elementary students, or just as a way to make some extra fundraising dollars for your school, yearbook tributes are a popular part of yearbook design.

Every parent wants this tribute to be perfect. They want to get it right. They want it to be powerful and meaningful.

On your end, you want it to be as easy to process as possible before your yearbook is due to get published.

What Needs to be Included in a Yearbook Tribute?
First, the size of the space will dictate what to include. Some yearbooks offer different sizes, for example, a quarter, half or full page tribute. But, no matter the size, the basic elements should remain the same. You can choose the size of the tribute based on your yearbook design. If you're interested in planning templates or ideas on how to price, ask your yearbook design specialist.

The Message
Parents need to supply you with the message that they want to be included. One of the easiest ways to collect this information is by sending home a quick form. If you want to set up online payments, that's also a great way to ensure the most individuals respond to your request.

Many parents struggle to collect and organize their thoughts for this tribute. The best thing you can do is to help guide them in the process and to corral their thoughts and emotions. You can do this by offering them a few different options for the tribute.

1. The thing about you that I am most proud of is…
2. One of my fondest memories is the time that…
3. As you finish this chapter, the most important thing that I want to say to you is…
4. Thank you for…

Messages need to be fairly short. Three to five sentences are all you need.

Using guidelines like these will keep them on point. Be sure, too, that someone proofreads each entry and that all potentially controversial subject matter is reviewed by your adviser.

Yearbooks are almost like photo albums with some words sprinkled in. Why? Because people love visuals. Deciding which to use and which to eliminate is not easy for any parent. They literally are probably sorting through hundreds of photos and strolling up and down memory lane. How do they choose the right pictures?

1. Choose photos that fit your tribute message.
2. Choose photos from different stages of childhood
3. Choose photos of different events and activities (sports, music, etc.)
4. Choose photos with key family members present

Photos can be a mix of color, black and white, vintage, etc.. Allow parents to have fun with this. Make sure that they follow the same resolution standards that you are using for the rest of the yearbook to avoid problems. Also, make sure you tell them exactly how many photos they can use in their allotted space.

More than anything, do everything you can to make this a fun process. Make sure that you put a “people person” in charge of interacting with these parents. You’ll be glad you did!