How to Use Your Yearbook as a Fundraiser

How to Use Your Yearbook as a Fundraiser

Nov 29th 2017

Yearbooks shouldn't have to cost the school money! In fact, at Blossom, we believe your yearbook sales could be one of your best fundraisers! Use your yearbooks to raise funds for the school or to support another cause that may or may not be directly connected to your school.


Sell ad space in your homeschool, high school or elementary school yearbook. There are lots of people who would love the idea of supporting their local school while getting their business information out there. Sell space to:

• Parents – a lot of parents have a business they would like to advertise or know someone who does. Advertising in their child’s yearbook gives them a sense of being a part of it, being supportive and getting the word out about their business. Parents might also like to place a “recognition ad.” That’s like writing a message in a yearbook that the yearbook publisher prints in all of the yearbooks. As a yearbook publisher for many years, Blossom has many ad templates to choose from. Just ask your yearbook design specialist for templates!

• Local businesses – most local businesses want to support local schools. The best way to sell ad space to them is to actually go there and talk to the manager. Face time carries a lot of weight here. It shows initiative and determination on your or your students part and it is more difficult to refuse. Send a representative to all local shops, dentist’s offices, doctor’s offices, insurance offices, etc. Hit them all!

Try selling entire pages to local businesses and/or parents. Have the yearbook printer place a small “thank you” to them at the bottom of the page. It will serve as an acknowledgement and a bit of advertising for small businesses.


Turn it up a notch by raising funds for another cause, in addition to your homeschool, high school or elementary school yearbook. There are lots of causes that appeal to parents and local businesses. A couple school-affiliated possibilities to consider are:

• Building repairs or improvements. It’s best to keep this on the small side. Be realistic about how much you will be able to raise. While it may be unlikely that you will manage to raise enough to re-pave the student parking lot; however, if this is an on-going school effort, you may be able to raise money to help pay for the improvements. Every little bit helps!

• A school program like sports or band. Lots of people who see the importance of extracurricular programs will jump onboard to support them.

There are also good causes that are not directly connected to the school. Have a portion of the proceeds go toward something un-school related. A couple causes that might get good support are:

• Health-related causes - perhaps there is even someone in your school or community that could use a little extra help.

• Causes connected to people in need like the homeless or hungry are good options if this is a problem in your area. Find a homeless shelter or food banks in your area to help support.

Be sure to plan well ahead and collect the money for advertising before your yearbooks are printed. If you decide to donate part of the proceeds to an outside cause, contact someone affiliated with the cause ahead of time. If you are designing online with Blossom, we have the opportunity to make fundraising even easier! You'll see what you're paying for your book, and you can set your online store price wherever you'd like to sell it to parents, students, and community members. If your online orders go above and beyond the amount due for your book, Blossom will send you a check when your yearbook is printed. It's that easy!

Any questions about Blossom's fundraising options? Live chat, email us at [email protected], or give us a shout at 1-800-893-8902.