Yearbook Cover Ideas

Need Yearbook Cover Ideas? We've Got You Covered!

Jan 27th 2016

Make an impression with your yearbook! You know the phrase...“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”? Let’s be honest, you want people to take notice of your yearbook. If it looks good, students and faculty will want to buy one! Not sure where to start? Here’s the breakdown…

First, you want to define a theme (Take a look at our “Top 100 Theme Ideas”). This will help in the idea creation of not only your yearbook cover, but your inner pages too (aka “the guts”). Already started creating your pages? Great! Take a look at what pages you’ve worked on. Are there any colors or graphics being used consistently? This is a good starting point to launch ideas off of. Another option is to conduct a brainstorming session with your yearbook class or team. Play a game, tell stories and create laughter to get the juices flowing. Keep in mind that even bad ideas lead to good ideas! Have fun and don’t hold back! Let the creativity flow.

Now that you have your yearbook theme identified, start thinking about what you want your theme to look like. This can get tricky, but luckily you have ample amounts of resources at your fingertips! Ask your yearbook team members if they are interested in creating the artwork. If this isn’t an option, your next bet is to see if there are any art students that want to help out. Create a contest! Invite students to come up with a concept and have the student body vote on which one they like best.

Still stumped? Check out Pinterest! A simple search will lead to an impressive amount of yearbook cover images to get you thinking. We can help too! Check out our online gallery here. Want us to design your yearbook cover for you? We’d be happy to! Contact your friendly Design Specialist today by live chat, phone, or email us at [email protected]. For more yearbook tips and resources, sign-up for our exclusive emails below! Check back soon for more yearbook information!