Yearbook Distribution Tips

Yearbook Distribution Tips

Apr 27th 2018

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for! All of the hard work you and your team have put into this year’s yearbook is about to pay-off. Printed books are in hand and ready to be handed out.

Follow these simple tips to distribute your yearbooks smoothly and efficiently:

1. Announce when and how you plan on distributing yearbooks.

o Share on your school’s website and social media accounts.

o Send an email out to everyone who purchased.

 Include when and where distribution will take place. 

o Keep your Principal and teachers in the loop with your distribution plan. (They may even have some helpful tips!)

o Invite PTA/PTO members and parents to volunteer if you need some extra help.

2. BONUS Fundraising Opportunity!

o. Hold an exclusive distribution day for students a week early (seniors love this). You could even charge $1-5 per student to be the first to view!

3. Create a binder to document special requests or record questions that need a follow up.

o. If students are absent or have moved, note how you will get their yearbook to them.

4. Have some empty boxes? Sort yearbooks by homeroom class for easy access and distribution.

5. Invite students to partake in a short survey. This will help provide insight into staffing, scheduling, and book ordering for the following year.

o. What did they like/dislike most about their yearbook?

o. Are there special events, pictures, layouts, etc., that they want to see included for next year?

o. Are they planning on ordering a book next year?

6. Treat you and your yearbook staff to a well-deserved post yearbook party! This is a great opportunity to gain perspective and feedback from your fellow yerds.

And most importantly, HAVE FUN! You deserve it!

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