Yearbook Ideas: Most Likely To...

Yearbook Ideas: Most Likely To...

Mar 15th 2017

A yearbook serves as an important reminder of your past as you grow older - It is touching memento from your younger days and something you can look back on fondly. On the flip side, in the present, it can also act as a crystal ball and predict your future! A "Most likely to..." section in a yearbook provides a fun way to try and guess what your classmates will aspire to, and what they will achieve in their adult lives. These 6 ideas are a sample of the types of phrases you could include:

  • Most Likely to Get Married
    Everyone can name that couple who have always been together from the start of school right through to graduation. This couple has been dating for years, they are inseparable and are true childhood sweethearts. Their relationship will undoubtedly last for an eternity and they will get married!
  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire
    This is aimed at the person who is most likely to be financially successful and use their brains and business sense to become filthy rich. There is always that one person who has a sharp eye for earning a dollar and making shrewd deals - They will sell their own lunch if it means turning a profit! This person will have a reputation for success and may already be earning money on the side - Will this person have met your expectations in 20 years’ time?
  • Most Likely to Become President
    That one person who is highly political and loves nothing more than engaging their classmates in an in-depth discussion about the economy of America and how they would change things for the better. This person has always pushed for greatness and it's only a matter of time before they enter the White House.
  • Most Likely to Make the Cover of Time Magazine
    Who's the one person that excels in science or physics and loves to invent things? That student who wants to change the world and discover that life-saving cure, or that history buff who wants to unearth a long-lost civilization? This person will make some sort of earth-shattering find and their face will be plastered across magazines like Time.
  • Most Likely to Sell out a Concert Venue
    This category is reserved for the musician, the singer, the artist. This person loves to perform, to sing and to make music. They will have formed a band at a young age and will have mastered a variety of different musical instruments. In 10 years’ time, you can guarantee they will be performing a knock-out concert in some far-flung destination on the last leg of their world tour.
  • Most Likely to Win an Oscar
    This person knows how to act! They won the lead roles in all the school performances and love drama and the performing arts. In drama classes, they put everyone else to shame with their dramatic displays and they feel at home in a costume more so than behind a desk. You will likely see this person on a major TV show or making an emphatic acceptance speech at the Oscars, but will they mention the influence of this school!

    Any other ideas for your yearbook? We'd love to hear them!

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