Blossom Yearbook Design Tool: Ladder

Yearbook Creation - Why the Yearbook Ladder Matters!

Dec 8th 2015

As thrilling as it may be to “wing it”, how often does that successfully pan out? You wouldn’t start building a house without some ground work, right? Planning, consulting, and layout must be defined first. The same principles apply for yearbook planning and creation.

The yearbook ladder is an excellent organizational tool to help plan your yearbook from start to finish. Easily work individually or with a team. Assign pages to your team, edit, tweak page layouts, and monitor progress. The yearbook ladder helps maintain focus on the big picture too with all of the pages and layouts at your fingertips for easy tracking.

You may be asking yourself where a good starting point may be. We suggest starting with a list of people, sports, academics, clubs, activities, student life, etc. that should be included. Don’t be afraid to make a large list to start. You want to ensure you have enough content to create your yearbook. Star items that can be removed if you find you need to cut down on your content. From here, you can start assigning pages to your team.

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