Blossom Yearbook & Memory Book PDF Submission Tips

Yearbook & Memory Book PDF Submission Tips

Jul 30th 2018

Use your own yearbook or book design software to design and submit the PDF or design file to Blossom for printing! In this blog post you'll find our recommended design programs, PDF submission tips, and where to get specific design program instructions. 

Recommended Design Programs

We recommend the following design programs:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Publisher

PDF File Submission Tips

  • If you’ve selected a non-standard book size, which include landscape 11x8.5”, 8x8”, and 10x10”, please contact Blossom Books for further file setup specifics on your non-standard book size pages and cover.
  • We ask that you submit 2 files when your book design is complete: one for your cover and one for your pages. Further instructions based on your software choice are included in the following pages. 
  • If you have any solid or patterned backgrounds, please review all pages to make sure this part of your design extends to the bleed guide before PDF submission. This will safeguard that during the production process your pages do not have any unintentional white edges.
  • Keep in mind as you design any spreads that have crossovers (for example, photos that fall along the edges where the pages meet) will run the risk of being pulled into the spine.
  • If you are designing a hard cover book and would like to include spine text with your cover art, please keep in mind the hinges on each side of the spine. Further instructions are included in the pages to follow.
  • If you choose to utilize Adobe InDesign, make sure to keep all linked files or images in the same folder as your InDesign file. This will ensure that there will be no unlinked or missing images when you generate your PDF to submit to Blossom.
  • Once you have uploaded and shared your book files for print, we will send you a PDF proof for approval. Multiple versions may be exchanged in this process so we ask that you name your files SchoolName_SchoolYear_Pages/Cover_Ver#(if multiple versions).pdf.
  • File transfer tools that we recommend for uploading and sharing print-ready PDFs include: WeTransfer, Dropbox, or GoogleDocs. Once your files have been uploaded, we ask that you send us an email with URL direct links to the uploaded files.

How to Submit Your File

To submit your file to Blossom, first request a quote with your book specifications.  Once your quote is accepted, you can submit your file to Blossom using a free file sending service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. Because book files are often very large, they will likely not send over email. Your Blossom Design Specialist will review the file utilizing a professional pre-press checklist ensuring all files are properly designed and formatted.  From there, pending any changes, it's on to print!

More Information on PDF Submissions

For more information on Blossom's PDF requirements and specific design program instructions, request this PDF.  And reach out to your design specialist or account manager with any questions.