Yearbook Style Guide: Hello

Yearbook Style Guide: Hello

Jul 7th 2017

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The school year is full of Hellos and Goodbyes.  The first day of school, new friends moving in, old friends moving on, breaks, graduations, summer vacation, and so much more!  Capture it all in the Yearbook design: Hello.

The bold and bright colors radiate off the cover and each page.  As one of our most popular yearbook themes for middle and high school yearbooks, there are tons of free templates, layouts, and clipart for you to choose from when designing your yearbook.

The Hello yearbook theme is simple, but offers quite a statement. Whether you choose to utilize our theme from the beginning of your yearbook design or just add layouts as you go, we've also included our recommended fonts, colors, and photo inspiration tips below.

Suggested Fonts:

  • Life Savers
  • Advent Pro
  • Slackey

Suggested Color Palette:

  • 8860a6
  • a6cd70
  • dd443f

Photo Inspiration:

  • Best/worst superlatives
  • All about opposites
  • Don't be afraid of colorful or "loud" images

Say Hello to your new yearbook design theme this school year!  Free Clipart & Backgrounds for this yearbook theme are available in our online design tool! If you'd like to request additional style recommendations or yearbook ideas, contact a yearbook design specialist. We're here to help you have the best yearbook ever!