Yearbook Style Guide: Our Adventure Book

Yearbook Style Guide: Our Adventure Book

Jul 17th 2017

Download this style guide here!

Scrapbook the adventure of your year in this whimsical and fun yearbook design.

Designed as an Adventure Book, this yearbook theme includes all of our online free templates, layouts, and clipart for your yearbook design.

This yearbook theme can be used for just about any organization including preschools, elementary, middle, high schools, and even non-profit and organizations together on a journey! Whether you choose to utilize our theme from the beginning of your yearbook design or just add layouts as you go, we've also included our recommended fonts, colors, and photo inspiration tips below.

Suggested Fonts:

  • Dancing Script
  • Cabin Sketch
  • Special Elite

Suggested Color Palette:

  • 77bfab
  • e54135
  • c9d032

Photo Inspiration:

  • Multiple class photos during activities
  • Have teachers capture new explorations and experiments
  • Photograph all in- and after-school events

Capture your Adventure in this unique yearbook theme.  Free Clipart & Backgrounds for this yearbook theme are available in our online design tool! If you'd like to request additional style recommendations or yearbook ideas, contact a yearbook design specialist. We're here to help you have the best yearbook ever!