Yearbook Theme & Design Ideas

Yearbook Cover, Theme & Design Ideas

Sep 28th 2016

Yearbook staffers have a fun job. Imagining. Creating. Executing. Writing on a virtual blank slate.

Perhaps the hardest part of a yearbook staff’s job is coming up with the theme for the book. The theme will be the central message that runs from cover to cover. It will be a thread that is laced through every single page of this massive book. The theme is unmistakable, or, at least it should be. The theme is what comes to mind when you think about that book, and think about the people that were members of that particular class. Who were they? What are they remembered for? The theme should let you know.

Finding a Theme

The theme is a vibe. An energy. It is at first unspoken. It is in the colors and shapes and sizes and fonts. It oozes through every word and every picture that is purposely included in this book. Nothing here is random. It all follows suit. It follows the theme. And, your theme doesn’t begin with a word. It’s a sentiment. It is a mood of sorts.

Now, a sentiment can be deep and heavy and somber. Or, it can be light, silly, and playful. No class has been through what your class has been through these last 4, or 7, or 18 years. So, consider all the aspects of your class experience when choosing your theme.


Once you have selected the mood of your theme, you need to attach terminology to it. Find words that best depict what you and your staff are feeling and what you wish to communicate, both now and well-into the future. For once in your life, there are no right or wrong answers. There is only you and the uniqueness of your class, your people, your experiences.

Now that you have chosen the sentiment you wish to convey, and the major terminology that you want to include, you need to break the concept down even further. Find words that support the vision of your theme. If your yearbook theme is a rainbow, you might name each section after a color. You then might have different shades of that color throughout each section. Just be sure that the theme is broken down and present throughout your book. Just a word of caution. Don’t go overboard with this. Try to make it obvious, yet subtle. Find that artistic balance. More is not always better.

So, what are some of the trendy themes to look for? Here are a couple that you might want to consider.

  • Be Trendy: This theme is one that studies the hottest styles, words, and events of the year and incorporates them into the book. While the trendy theme is an old idea, it changes every year, per its definition. Always trending. This theme will share the overall emotion of the times in which we live. This theme speaks of the cultural trend.
  • Stay in School: This theme is school-based. This theme begins with the specific issues, events and vibe of your own school, and specifically, your own class. This is a fun theme because it is so endearing to the members of your class. These are priceless memories and experiences that will outlive this book itself.
  • Inspire: This theme never goes out of style. This theme covers the basics but also seeks to inspire. The goal of this theme is to have an impact on many, over and over again. Kudos to you for taking this approach. And only you know the best way that your class can inspire others.
  • Our Culture: The nation has never been more mixed than it is today. This theme celebrates diversity and inclusion. This theme makes it a point to highlight the many people groups represented in its hallways. This must be done with great tact. Always discuss such sensitive issues before running with them. This theme is a great way to channel your collective energy and will leave a very healthy legacy for your class.

Need other ideas?  Check out our downloadable resource: Top 100 Yearbook Themes.

Blossom also has a collection of great themes and hundreds of cover ideas to get you started with our easy online design!  Some of the themes you'll find include:

  • Woodland
  • Paris
  • Owls
  • School Colors
  • Newspaper
  • Naturical
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Hollywood Film
  • Our Adventure Book
  • Dream Big
  • It's About Time
  • Be You
  • 'Stache of Memories
  • jOURney
  • And many, many more!

Finally, if you're still stuck choosing a theme, don't hesitate to reach out to your Yearbook Design Specialist at 1.800.893.8902 or [email protected].  We're here to help you create something amazing!