Yearbook Title Page Ideas

Yearbook Title Page Ideas

Dec 29th 2016

The First Page is Often the Most Important

There are many pages in a yearbook that need careful consideration - One of these is the title page. This is usually the first page students will see and provides an opportunity to add an element of fun and interaction in the yearbook creation process. There are many different styles of title page you can use, from simple dedications, to elaborate photographic masterpieces - The list below provides several unique ideas to consider for your yearbook title page.

  • Photograph Collage

What could be more eye-catching and meaningful than a collage of various student photos or photos from school events? A photo collage is a fantastic way to showcase a different aspect of the school in a creative and fun way. To select the photos, you could ask students to submit their favorite school related photos and then have a public vote to choose the top 30 for example that will be displayed on the title page. Once you have the photos, consider how to arrange them - Maybe a linear collage would be appropriate with the photos slotting together like a jigsaw? Or maybe an unorganized random dispersal of photographs would be more appropriate?

  • Wall of Signatures

An extremely personal title page design could be to get each student in the year to write their signature on a blank sheet of white paper and then combine these signatures together to form a collage. Signatures represent something unique to an individual, and a display of all the student's signatures will be amazing to look at and see all the different styles of handwriting.

  • Wall of Quotes

In a similar fashion to the wall of signatures, you could instead create a wall of quotes. This would work in the same way, but you could ask each student to write down their favorite quote. This could be a quote they personally use, or a quote from a movie, book or historical article. The quotes could either be hand-written again for an extra personal touch, or you could use different font styles and colors to create a truly unique and bright title page.

  • Song Quotes

A simple idea that can form a focal point for a yearbook title page is to display a part of a song lyric or even a full song lyric chosen by the students. The song could be a particularly memorable tune that was well known during that year, or a song that the students have voted on that is their favorite.

  • Defining News Article

A different technique to use for a yearbook title page is to simply display a news article that spans the whole page. During each year, there are certain world events that come to define the period and that everyone can remember - Significant issues that stand out in history. These news articles provide an insight into that year and invoke memories of what you were doing when you heard the news yourself. Instead of using world news, you could also consider choosing a piece of local news, or even a memorable event that happened within the school to add an extra level of meaning and relevance to the students.

Yearbook title pages provide a blank slate with which you can be creative - Use your imagination, think outside the box but always consider what emotions and reactions the title page will stir within the students it is intended for.