Yearbook Year in Review

Yearbook Ideas: The Year in Review!

Jan 14th 2016

It’s 2016 already! Are you prepared? Never fear! Your design specialist is here!

Since we’re at the start of another year, it’s time to reflect on the previous. Including a page or two of year in review events and notable statistics adds value and fun to your yearbook. Need ideas? Here’s a simple list to get started:


  1. #1 Song
  2. Favorite Musical Artist (can break down by genre)
  3. #1 Movie (highest grossing or most popular)
  4. Top 3 Actors and Actresses
  5. Winners of Major Award Ceremonies: Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.
    1. Best Actress/Actor
    2. Best Picture
    3. Best Soundtrack
    4. Top Supporting Actress/Actor
  6. Top 3 TV Shows
  7. #1 Selling Book or Book Series
  8. Technology
    1. Phones
    2. Gadgets – i.e. Selfie Stick
    3. Apps
  9. Clothing Trends
  10. Cost of Everyday Items
    1. Milk
    2. Gas
    3. Movie Ticket


  1. Favorite Teams – Local, State, National, Worldwide
  2. Superbowl Winner
  3. Olympics
  4. World Cup
  5. Specific Sport Champions

Event Timelines

  1. Election Results
  2. Major New Stories – National and/or Global
  3. Notable Deaths
  4. Science Discoveries
  5. Geographic Explorations

Where would you find answers to these statistics? Most of them can be found via a simple Google search. Have fun with this! Take a survey and ask your students or peers what they believe the answers are. Then align the researched answers next to the answers your student body supplied.

Layout doesn’t need to be complex. We suggest a timeline or bulletin board layout. Use short, simple, bulleted phrases to get the message across quickly. Images should be your main focus as they enrich your yearbook layout.

No time to create a Year in Review yourself? No problem! There’s a design available as an add on for only $1 per book. Have more questions about the Year in Review? Ask your friendly Yearbook Design Specialist by live chat, phone, or email us today at [email protected]. Check back soon for more yearbook information!