Custom Design by Blossom Yearbooks

What is Custom Design and How Does It Work?

Sep 25th 2018

You may be stressed or overwhelmed designing your yearbook. Our custom design service can help you with that!

Can you design just a few pages? We can do custom design for as many or as few pages as you would like us to do. If you need us to do the whole book we will do that. If you just need help with a few pages we can do that too.

Where to start? We want to make sure we are designing a book for you so we will need a few things before we begin. To start we will communicate with each other to create a timeline. This will make sure we have enough time to create the book, and give you enough time to make sure your year will be covered in the book.

Next is the ladder. Similar to the ladder page on the Blossom website, it’s the basic structure of the book. We will send you one to fill out so we know the structure of the book. Here you will lay out how many pages you want, and how you would like to organize your book.

Then just send us the content. We will take your photos and associated text and put them in the book. From there we will continue to design the book either from our templates or from the ground up, whichever works best for you. Our goal is to make sure you get the book that you want.

Finally we will send you a proof for approval to make sure that you are happy with every square inch of your new yearbook. Then our process will continue as normal and we will print and ship your books.

Contact us for more information about custom design!