Organizing Your Book

I've created a new book. Now what?

We recommend starting by organizing your book and layout using a book ladder. The ladder will organize your pages and ensure your content will fit in the book properly. After your content is organized, you'll be able to more accurately determine your page count.

Please Note: If your page count increases or decreases, your price will change accordingly.

How do I pick a theme or incorporate a theme into my yearbook?

If you've yet to decide on a theme, you have the option to choose one of our pre-designed themes to begin. If none of these will work for you, look around your school or organization for inspiration! School colors, mascots, big events, and local activities could influence your decision. You can also look online for inspiration – Pinterest, Google, and our Blossom blog have great ideas. We've also compiled a list of our own Top 100 Yearbook Themes.

What is the book dashboard?

The book dashboard is the central "hub" for your book-building project. On this page, the adviser or admin can view the book progress, see individual page status (created, assigned, in progress, submitted for review, or approved), edit the book details, and manage important elements of the book-building process in the upper navigation bar.

What is the due date calculator?

The due date calculator is designed to keep you on task for completing your book. The calculator will automatically count the number of days you have to complete your book based on the estimated delivery date and accounting for 4 weeks of production and shipping time.

What is the book ladder and why should I use it?

The book ladder is where you'll be doing a majority of your yearbook planning and accessing the editor portion of the project. The ladder has rich functionality for planning, organizing, reviewing, and getting your book ready to print!

How do I add or delete pages within my book?

You can add or delete pages, or spreads, by using the buttons within the ladder section. Keep in mind that if you add a new page, you must continue to create your book in multiples of 2 pages. If your book is under 40 pages, it must be in multiples of 4 pages.

How do I copy or move pages within my book?

You can copy or move pages by using the buttons within the ladder section. Keep in mind that if you add a new page, you must continue to create your book in multiples of 2 pages. If your book is under 40 pages, it must be in multiples of 4 pages.

How can I assign names to a page?

You can assign page names within the ladder by entering names in the blank boxes next to each page thumbnail image, and then clicking "Save" to update. Assigning page names helps with organizing your book and finding pages in the future as your book grows and develops.

How can I assign users to a page?

You can manage and assign users to design pages with the ladder. Editors will only be able to access and edit a page within the book they are assigned.

Multiple users can be assigned to each page, but only one individual can access the page at a time. If the lock is green, the page is ready and open for editing. If the lock is red, the page is not available for editing. The current user has to save and exit the page. Likewise, the adviser has permission to unlock a single page or unlock all pages for use.

What is my book status?

The ladder and dashboard will automatically update based on the progress of each page.

  • Created: The page has been created, but not assigned to a user to edit
  • Assigned: The page has been assigned to a user to edit
  • In Progress: A user has started editing the page
  • Submitted for Approval: A user has submitted the page to the Admin/Adviser to review, edit, and mark complete
  • Complete & Ready for Print: The Adviser has reviewed the page and approved it for print

How can I review page for approval?

When a user submits a page for review within the editor, the adviser can review the page by clicking on the "Review" button within the ladder. The adviser will be brought to the Review screen to approve and mark the page as "Complete", or to return the page to the user with comments and edits.

How do I add members to my team?

If you are collaborating with others to organize and create your book, you can set up the members of your team and assign roles to them according to their involvement with the book by choosing "Team" on the dashboard navigation. The main role, or Adviser / Admin role, will be held by the individual who signed up the organization (the Admin alone can change the primary contact on the account at their discretion and add other Admins if required).

To add new users to your book:

  1. Click "Add User" to add a new user to the book.
  2. Enter the user's email address and select the appropriate role for the user.
  3. Click "Invite" to send an email invite to your project.

View the video tutorial here.

I've invited my team members, but they haven't received the email.

All emails are delivered instantly. If a team member does not receive an email right away, please check spam folders and/or add [email protected] to an approved sender/safe list to prevent additional emails from being marked as spam. Some organizations filter emails from outside vendors; if the email is not found in a junk or spam filter, please contact your IT department.

What is the role of the Adviser / Admin?

The Admin / Adviser is in charge of the book from start to finish! The Admin / Adviser has the following permissions:

  • Adding New Users: The Admin is the only user who can add additional users to the project. They can also invite additional Admins.
  • Assigning / Deactivating / Modifying Users: The Admin can "check" specific roles and permissions for users. They can also "uncheck" all roles for users and deactivate them, so they will no longer be able to log in and access the project. To deactivate or modify a user, double-click on the user on the Team page of the Admin Dashboard.
  • Final Printing: The Admin is the only one who can change book details and submit the book to Blossom for final printing.
  • Add Book & Determine Price in Online Store: Price will automatically populate based on the number of pages added, cover type, and estimated number of book orders. The Admin will have the ability to add a fundraiser amount—increasing the price of the yearbook for the online store. The Admin will be able to open / close the online store and view store reports to see how many books have been purchased.
  • PSPA CD: The Admin has the ability to import photos from a PSPA CD and configure into panel pages
  • Add / Delete Pages: The Admin has the ability to add and delete pages from the book, and to assign pages to specific users. The Admin can also choose to add page numbers, create an index page, or add a Year In Review (created by Blossom) to the book.

What is the role of the Co-Admin / Co-Adviser?

A user can only be named a Co-Admin if the Admin adds them to that role. This role will have the same features as the Admin role above.

What is the role of the Editor?

A majority of users will fall into the Editor role. These users are assigned a section by the Admin. Editors cannot access the other sections, the Admin dashboard, or import photos. They can, however, also be given the Photographer role to add photos.

What is the role of the Photographer?

A Photographer can upload images for the book but cannot edit pages of the book.

What is the role of the Viewer?

A Viewer can only view the ladder and see a flip or flip-pdf version of the book. The Viewer cannot edit or otherwise modify the project.